You Can Make A Difference: use your head!

Ancient forests around the world are in peril, but we can still save them. Making sure that the wood and paper we buy has come from well-managed sources (or, even better, is 100 per cent recycled) is something we can all easily do.

Forests are part of our lives, even yours. Forests are in the paper you use, the chair you are sitting on, in the flooring you walk on. That's why you can do much for them, just using your head. For example, buying products made from recycled paper or FSC certified wood.

Wood is an ecological and natural material, when not coming from forest destruction. But how can be sure? There are two ways: buying responsible products and 100% recycled products (especially for paper).

Recycled products reduces the consumption of trees, and FSC recycled products are coming from responsibly managed forests. Make sure to find the FSC label.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) guarantees that the wood or paper from forest operations fully respectful of ecosystems and forest communities.

Consumers have the right to buy guaranteed and certified products.

Buy good wood

Use recycled paper
Act now!

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