The Nordic Region's most prestigious environmental prize goes to the environmental activist Olli Manninen from Finland. The prize is given for his efforts to preserve the  forests and his mobilising of environmental NGOs across the Nordic countries. Manninen received the message about the prize in a forest in Swedish Värmland where he was in full swing with the work of surveying and documenting the conservation needs in the Nordic forests, for which he is now being rewarded.


"The Nordic Council's Environmental Prize doesn't just go to me but to all those who are passionate about preserving forests. The efforts of volunteers are so important, also when it comes to lobbying politicians to do much more for our nature. The prize will help to guarantee our work in the future", said Olli Manninen, who is well-known in particular for mobilising and educating other field biologists and environmental activists.

The Adjudication Committee particularly noted Manninen's work to make environmental policy goals more tangible. This is what they had to say:

”In his efforts as a surveyor and network builder Olli Manninen has been a key player in the conservation of thousands of hectares of forests in Finland, Sweden and Norway. He has developed a unique system for mapping the red-listed species and has been the driving force behind campaigns that have raised public awareness of the biological diversity of the forests.

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