The National Forest Authority (NFA)of Uganda  is worried about the recurrent replacement of natural forests with eucalyptus and pine trees in many parts of the country including wetlands. Tom Okello Obong, the Executive Director of NFA says their assessment has established a growing habit of people destroying the indigenous tree species for commercial eucalyptus and pines which have a grave impact to climate

Mega-dams should not be built in lowland tropical forest regions due to the threat they pose to biodiversity and ecosystems, according to experts at the University of Stirling.  The recommendation -- published in the Journal of Applied Ecology -- emerged from a new study that focuses on the Balbina Hydroelectric Reservoir system in the Brazilian Amazon. Like many hydropower systems in the region, the Balbina dam caused extensive forest fragmentation, with large swathes of land flooded once the dam was closed, transforming former hilltops into islands.

It is a sad Christmas for firs of Lithuania, destined to rapidly transformed into Ikea furniture. But bad news for all the fauna and flora of the country. A fight is heating up in Lithuania over government-authorised clearcutting in national and regional parks, many of which are also protected under the Natura 2000 network.  

Greenpeace says six of its activists boarded a tanker transporting Indonesian palm oil in the Gulf of Cadiz and were detained by its captain after unfurling "Save our Rainforest" and "Drop Dirty Palm Oil" banners. A ship tracking website shows the Stolt Tenacity, which Greenpeace says is carrying palm oil from Wilmar International linked to tropical forest destruction in Indonesia, was bound for Rotterdam.

The favourite presidential candidate of Brazil made clear promises: he will abolish the ministry of environment, cancel the environmental legislation, open indigenous land to mining, abandon the Paris Agreement and pave a highway in the middle of the Amazon, to open it to cattle ranching. His intention are clear: he will wipe out the Amazon forest.That man is Jair Bolsonaro, who just received 46% of the vote last week.