A forest is much more than a number of trees, a forest a complex and dynamic ecosystem.

Green deserts. They are immense extensions of trees. They have all of the same age, they looks all the same. Often they are coming from other continents.
A forest is much more than a number of trees. A forest is a dinamyc and complex ecosystem.
Plantations are agricultural cropland based on trees, mostly based on a single specie. Throughout the world, governments are actively promoting the expansion of large-scale monoculture tree plantations, despite the serious social and environmental impacts already witnessed on existing plantations.
The expansion of plantations often takes place at the expense of transforming natural ecosystems, particularly tropical rainforests.


Also ancient and delicate natural habitats such as grasslands of South America and South Africa, are being replaced with plantations of eucalyptus and pine. Rapid growth trees, have high economic performance, but erode the soil, disrupt the balance in the chemical and physical composition of the soil, absorb large amounts of water, and in some cases led to the desertification of entire areas.


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