In five days the fire has already damaged about 300 acres of the in Modhupur forest, under the National Park Range of Modhupur forest in Tangail district.
The fire first appeared in Chunia area under Dokhala Range, and the forest guards extinguished the fire shortly.
A day later, fire broke out again at different points of the forests in Beribaid, Monarbaid, Gaichcha and Shahuria under the National Park Range and North Chunia and Pirgachha areas under Dokhala Range, local sources said.

The fire has continued spreading to fresh areas as grounds of Madhupur forest is now covered with dry leaves due to dry weather, witnesses said, adding that different animals are coming out in the locality for want of food following the fire.
Fire fighters have failed to extinguish the blaze, as they could not enter the forests with their vehicles, Madhupur Fire Service sources said. Besides, they are not getting sufficient water to douse the fire.
The fire for the last few days is causing huge damage to valuable and rare trees including herbal plants and creepers while forest wildlife including monkeys, baboons, hares, guisap, wild cocks, fishing cats, bagdas, jackals, snakes, bees and various other worms and birds are losing their dwelling places and food sources, sources said.
The panicked animals are running to different places to save lives.

Local sources have alleged that local influential groups are involved in setting fire to grab forestlands. Besides, illegal logging becomes easier in such a situation, they said.

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