A massive fire has engulfed about a dozen forest compartments in Kupwara district. Residents said that the fire in forest of Hatchmarg and Hangnikote has been raging for the past twelve days and the chances of controlling it are bleak. The residents of Rajward said the fire destroyed thousands of Deodar trees.
"We appeal to the forest department to take some action. Forest officials have not reached here and there is danger to our homes and livestock," said Mohammad Ramzan, a resident of Rajward.

The residents alleged that the personnel of the three Forest Protection Force units in Kupwara have done little to douse the fires. Sources in the forest department said the government doesn't have enough resources to deal with the fire but it is monitoring the situation: “men are doing their job. Machinery can’t be used as most of the areas are rocky and out of bound for vehicles”
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