Paper efficiency can dramatically shrink carbon emissions. This is the finding of a new study by the European Environmental Paper Network (EEPN), that will be presented in an -line seminar on 9 July 2013. Carbon emissions from paper production, use and disposal are greater than emissions from global aviation. It looks enormous, but it is true. According to EEPN, paper production, use and disposal account for 8% of global carbon emissions. Paper efficiency therefore needs to be part of climate change policies. Everyone seeking to change behaviour to reduce carbon emissions needs to take paper into account.

This si what the EEPN call as "paper vapor". While it is well understood that we avoiding unnecessary air travel can reduce carbon footprints, there is less awareness on how paper efficiently can cut carbon emissions - as well as saving money and bringing other environmental benefits. EEPN will be launching a program to support public sector bodies to integrate paper efficiency into their climate change action policies and programs.

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