An investigation by Brazil’s Indian affairs department FUNAI has uncovered shocking evidence that illegal loggers are rapidly closing in on the Awá, Earth’s most threatened tribe, sparking fears for their safety. Only three weeks ago, a government team confiscated logging equipment in the Awá’s forest. However, the new evidence shows that illegal logging is continuing, and recent deforestation has been found only six kilometers away from an Awá community. Logging roads are penetrating deep into the Awá’s lands, which by law should be protected by the Brazilian authorities. One Awá community is now surrounded on three sides by loggers.

 "Why are they doing this?", one Awá man asked. "If you destroy the forest, you destroy us too". "There are a lot of loggers in the area… The Awá are feeling extremely threatened, and are scared to go to the forest to hunt. Conflicts could erupt if they move around their forest" said FUNAI official Carlos Travassos to Survival.

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