"Do the right thing, save the forests!" is a European prize competition focused on using social communication to protect the world’s forests.
The initiative aims to encourage the dissemination of original social communication, designed and implemented by young people, as a means of promoting the sustainable management of forests and the use and consumption of its derivatives.


 The project seeks to “raise awareness in favour of a global and sustainable management of forests and the responsible consumption on the part of citizens/European consumers” through various educational activities and information campaigns. The project is primarily aimed at schools and citizens, but also seeks to address institutions and people working in the sectors mentioned, and its objective is raising awareness about:

  • Forests for the common good of humankind
  • Rights of indigenous peoples living in forests
  • Protection of biodiversity
  • Combating deforestation and climate change
  • Combating the illegal timber trade
  • Reflecting on the consumption of forest products (paper, wood)
  • Forests and sustainable development

The project is run by an European network up of NGOs, schools, entities entrusted with the management of parks, and authorities committed to the support and management of world forests. It is being envisaged that this could be achieved through meetings and seminars held in the various participating countries: http://www.forestintheworld.org

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