Everybody want to buy a slice of the Amazon. On April 9 the Government of Peru will hold an auction for oil and gas concessions. Oil companies and gas companies, will buy up the Peruvian Amazon batch after batch. The national oil company of Peru, PERUPETRO, is hoping to attract major oil companies like Total and Exxon Mobil to bid in the auction. The auction, announced by Daniel Saba, head of PERUPETRO, was originally intended to be held last August, but has been suspended on at least two occasions. Last spring in the indigenous communities of Amazonian Peru had arisen against a law that allowed to sell their land to mining and oil companies.

Survival also expressed its concern: "In the 1990s Mobil, now part of Exxon Mobil, controversially explored for oil in a region of south-east Peru inhabited by uncontacted tribes. After an international campaign by organizations such as Survival and FENAMAD, Mobil abandoned the project" reports their press release.


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