The Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Ezekiel Maige, has urged businessmen to save the forests... by investing in natural resources and planting trees saying the demand for timber and its related products is on the rise. Speaking to businessmen, he said at the moment the demand for the timber and its products has reached five million cubic metres while the farms have a capacity of producing only 1.2 million cubic meters. Maige who is Msalala legislator in Kahama district Shinyanga region said in order to bridge the gap, businessmen have to invest in natural resources.

"I request you to wake up and invest in the sector especially in massive planting of trees since the demand is on the rise," he stressed. He said scarcity of timber has led to an increase in applications for the harvest of the products. He said to address the situation his Ministry through the Tanzania Forest agency is arranging new procedure for permits.
The Ministry has also established the Forest Fund which will be used in support planting trees in government and private owned farms. Pointing out the investment opportunities in the forestry sector, Maige said the REDD project which is under the Vice President's Office supports people who invest in conservation of forests.
He urged them to exploit the opportunity through the newly introduced carbon trade by planting more trees.


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