On 5 September, APP published Highlights of First Quarterly Progress Report for its Sustainability Roadmap 2020 launched on 5 June 2012. A nice pubblication, but behind colorful announcements, the reality on the ground shows little or no improvement. APP announces the progress in the  moratorium: "Two independent pulpwood suppliers in Jambi – Tebo Multi Agro (TMA) and Rimba Hutani Mas (RHM) - have agreed to join APP’s own Wira Karya Sakti (WKS) company in the region, by suspending natural forest clearance with immediate effect while HCV assessments are conducted." But the Indonesian coalition Eyes on the Forest reveals the hidden truth: The TMA concession appears to already have finished its planned deforestation. One of RHM’s concession blocks is the Taman Rajah reserve which APP has been advertising for years and has already been commited as areas that are not to be clear cut. 

The other two RHM concession blocks have already finished their natural forest clearing. They have almost no natural forest remaining.
Apparetly, the two companies stopped their caterpillar just because the dirty job was already done. Not an announcement to be proud of.And what's about the moratorium announced in June with big media emphasis? So far it is just business as usual, where "usual" looks much like deforestation, as pointed out by the Indonesian coalition Eyes on the Forest in a report released las July.

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