The Tasmanian parliament's upper house voted against key elements of the forest deal signed by environmentalists and industry, and endorsed by the federal government. The Legislative Council made a vote along with the support of the state government. The council voted to delay the development of a set of 270,000 ha. of forest reserves (protecting them after being logged!). The protection was a key part of the deal. The legislature council also supported the slashing out of the tracts of mountain country from the nominations of the Word Heritage that have been already given by the Federal government.


Bob Brown, the former national Greens leader said that the decision of the council is similar to a chainsaw through the forest agreement. A tweet from Dr. Brown considered the council people to be wreckers.

The peace deal was brought forward by the Greens and the Industry groups as a peace deal as an effort to terminate the state's generation-long forest wars. It is said that the peace deal is now on the edge of a knife after the state's upper house voted to postpone the development of the reserves.

The various environment groups, who were in a historic agreement with the timber industry in November said that they will be moved from their decisions if they walk away if the Legislative Council moved to delay the protection of the forests.

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