A Portuguese pulp company wants to clear up to 237,000 hectares – including Mozambique’s miombo woodlands, a unique southern African ecosystem – for eucalyptus plantations. Rural people are being driven into poverty as Portucel grabs their land. Please, support the petition to stop deforestation and land-grabbing!

It is a colossal project to transform vast areas of Africa into plantations for paper production. It looks like the old colonial exploitation, but it's today's story. Behind it there is a Portuguese paper mill 'The Navigator Company’ and its local subsidiary, Portucel Mozambique. Local NGOs monitoring the impacts of this land acquisition are deeply concerned about the impacts on local livelihoods and on biodiversity.The project already created vast impacts, with local farmers forced to give up their land, now struggling to find means of life. The project, exposed by an EPN report,  is financed by the International Finance Corporation, the financial arm of the World Bank, that owns 20 per cent of the shares. 
Please help, tell the World Bank Group to kill this disastrous project by canceling its financing.
Sign Rainforest Rescue petition to Jim Yong Kim, President of the World Bank; Philippe Le Houérou, Chief Executive Officer of the International Finance Corporation



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