The war in Ukraine is having an increasing impact on the international trade in forest products. A group of NGOs from Ukraine, in Russia and in Belarus, called for a European ban on Russia and Belarus wood and timber, of which European Union countries are among the major importers and which in 2021 represented US$13.9 billion. Wood from these regions is used in construction, to produce paper and furniture and to fuel power plants.

They also appealed to international certification schemes, such as FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), SBP (Sustainable Biomass Programme) and PEFC (Programme for Enforsement of Forest Certification) to  terminate all forest management and chain of custody certificates for forest concessions and companies from both Russia and Belarus with immediate effect. 

Environmental Paper Network, a world-wide network of over 150 civil society organisations, offered solidarity to the people of Ukraine and the peaceful protesters across Russia and Belarus: "We have all seen images of brave civilians in Ukraine facing the tanks with their bare hands, and peaceful protesters across Russia and Belarus who dare challenge Putin and his regime. They set an example for us."



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